Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Jenna's Wedding, Pink Eye, 4th of July in Houston, Rod's folks visit ATL and Dollywood...yep that about covers it


I've been going non-stop since June 18th when I headed off to AZ...I was soo busy with the wedding I didn't get to spend hardly ANY time with some of my friends and unfortunately didn't even get to see a few of you! Hope you know I would've done ANYTHING to see you and I still feel terrible about it!

Jax, Matt and Chad at the reception -
aren't the boys so good at matching!?

Decorating the toaster - yes those are our Sonic cups...mostly mine and Jax's

Jax, Jenna and Brooke - she still looked absolutely fabulous on her 116 degree wedding day!!!

Me and Gibson-he spewed on me atleast 3 times that day...and I still think he's freakin cute


Well a week before our 4th of July trip, I was fortunate enough to contract DOUBLE PINK EYE! Ofcourse it happens to me b/c I'm the clean freak and I wash my hands constantly!!! Rod took me to Urgent Care the next day to get a prescription and we were there for 2 hours! The actual doctor was only in the room for about 2 mins, looked in both my eyes, told me what I already knew, said he'd get me a presciption and then left. And we just paid him HOW MUCH?! Anyways, it was terrible...I looked like a drug addict and/or victim of domestic violence.

Rod's older brother Ronnie Paul and his wife Stacy were sweet enough to open their home to us along with several other family members. We had 15 ppl all staying under one roof and I thought we'd go crazy but it ended up being absolutely perfect! Stacy is def. one incredible hostess!

Yes I wore patriotic colors for 4th of don't?? :~) Notice the pink eye...this was pretty much the last day of it thankfully!!

Please disregard how unhappy Rod appears to be in this pic, his expression may be caused by the fact he's holding this adorable chunk of a baby Caleb! (Ronnie Paul and Stacy's youngest)
I have NEVER seen a baby with knees like his, they dimple when they're bent!!! He was such a good baby though - only whimpered when he was hungry or tired and grinned the rest of the time!

Here's Rod again with Russ and Erin's youngest Brasser playing at the food court in the mall. The whole gang went but the boys didn't last too long, they ended up taking all the kiddies home and the girls stayed and shopped, got our nails done and went out to eat at Pappadeaux's! We had a blast together!

And here's the entire Crumpton clan! Oh and isn't it sick how freakin tall I am compared to the other super cute, petite Crumpton ladies!! Thank you RP and Stacy - we had SO MUCH FUN!


2 days after flying home from Houston, Rod's parents came to visit us in Georgia for a week!

They are the first ppl to actually fly out to see us in the 9 months that we've been here.. not counting Carrie - your missed flight counts in my book! So I guess I need to stay away from AZ longer to make ppl miss me first! :~)
We took a 1/2 day from work on Thursday and went to the Georgia Aquarium. Ronnie and Elaine taking a pic in front of the BIG TANK!
Friday morning we headed up to Tennessee thru the Smoky Mountains (no "e" in Smoky). The
scenery was GORGEOUS! That is def. one thing I really like about the south - it's so green here!
We stopped in Gatlinburg, TN to eat lunch and came back a little later after getting settled into our hotel to take a ride on the SkyLift!

Gatlinburg in all it's teeny tiny glory

No caption needed - Rod's face says it all

Dollywood!!! Yes it's a REAL place, yes they have a few impressive rollercoasters and YES there were the most redneck/white trash ppl there I've ever seen in my life! Just replace the asians at Disneyland with hillbillies and there's Dollywood for ya!

Thank you so much to Ronnie and Elaine - it was SOOO fun having them with us and they treated us WAY too good! Since I've never lived close to them, it was a perfect oppty to get to know them better and they really are amazing parents/grandparents and ppl in general! I'm so fortunate to have them for my in-laws!