Saturday, October 18, 2008

Short update...but an update nonetheless

Well first of all - I am excited to announce that I received a new calling, I am now the 2nd Counselor in the Young Women's Presidency! I was a little shocked/nervous at first and felt guilty for somewhat "abandoning" my sweet lil' nursery kids that I've grown to love, but I am so stoked to be working with the YW! I've only known the other women in the Pres. for a short time but they are amazing!! Rod and I haven't been released from Nursery yet so I am doing both for a few more weeks which is kinda nice b/c it'll be easier for me to phase out. The kids will mostly miss Rod tho, I can admit he's the obvious favorite! (I think b/c he'll sit at the table and eat snacks with them, they must think he's just one of the kiddos) :~)

Rod and I hit up Six Flags over Georgia a few weeks ago and it was FABULOUS! I think the longest we waited was 45 mins for a ride and all the rest of em were 15 mins or walk-ons! It was beautiful weather outside and we had a blast! And it was by far the cleanest amusement park I've ever been to! (Always a PLUS in my book! )

Last week for Columbus Day we decided to take a lil' trip on the MARTA. It's basically Atlanta's metro transit system and it seems to come in very handy - especially for us "tourists" who still have a little trouble navigating around downtown! We visited underground Atlanta, took a stop to Little Five Points and checked out some random shops that you def. don't see in the mall. We ate at this place called the VORTEX and they had some amazing hamburgers - Rod ordered one called the Coronary Bypass...sounds healthy right? We walked a few miles from the MARTA station and back so it may have burned off a few of the 2 million calories...ok- who am I kiddin?

Waiting for the train - doesn't look too dirty from this view...

And then you look near the tracks...a freakin rat. Sick.

Today we went to the Tanger Outlets and did some winter shopping - the weather was perfect so we had to get outta the apt.! My fave item was my new Matix jacket/hoodie that was marked down from 70 to 20 bucks!! Suhweet! We ate Outback for dinner and now we're watching the TX Longhorns WAIL on Mizzou...(sigh) was a GOOD day.