Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Mixed Emotions

I have em. I really do. I admit I cried countless nights the first couple of months here. I had just gotten married, moved across the country and didn't know a soul! Oh, did I mention I don't like change? I can't pack up, ship out and have the time of my life without a plan or a friend in tow. Props to ppl out there that have the courage to do that. . .that just ain't me.

Here I am, a week away from driving back across the country to a new house and all things familiarand I’m sad! Don’t get me wrong, I’m totally excited to be going back to the AZ but these past few years in GA have really been AMAZING! I have made some wonderful lifetime friends. I’ve lived and traveled to unbelievably beautiful east coast places. There are some great memories here that I wouldn’t trade for anything.

Most importantly, living in GA was probably the greatest thing for Rod and I. Everyone said it’d be so great to get away from everyone and everything and just “BE US”. I didn’t know what that meant, but looking back I seethat if I had gained nothing else out of this experience THAT alone would’ve been worth it. I remember getting into a little scuffle with Rod a few weeks after we got here, snatching up my keys, slamming the door and hurrying down to my car. I started the ignition and then it dawned on me, “I have nowhere to go.” Awesometurned the car off, went back upstairs and worked it out. I’m not gonna get all blog-mushy about my hubby, but he really is the most kind-hearted, level-headed, unbelievably perfect man I could’ve asked for. I know I didn’t do anything to deserve the only other logical explanation is that he must’ve done something horrible to end up with me. Either wayhe’s all mine! Mwahaha!

To my GA friends: I love you, I’ll miss you, please don’t forget meI promise I will NEVER forget you.

To my AZ friends: I love you and I’ll see you soonwho’s meeting me at Sonic?

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Baby Shower Invite Etiquette

I may regret this post later, but for now - I'm letting my Asian bluntness take over!

My sister Kara and I have chuckled for the past few months as we've shared stories of the untactful ways of LDS women. I realize we are in no way perfect, so this is not a "holier-than-tho" moment by any means. I'm also aware posting something like this is def. going to offend someone but please be aware - it's not about anyone that will be reading this. (I would've made my blog private if I were worried about that!) :~)

I received an email last week for a baby shower. Ok, no big deal - an emailed invitation is acceptable in my book. Postage isn't cheap. I totally get it. But please tell me WHY it's ok for someone to use the Relief Society list that's intended for RS announcements, etc. - for an email blast for a baby shower?!?! Not only did I not know the woman they were honoring, I didn't even know the person that was throwing the shower! Am I the only person that finds this absolutely ridiculous?!

I'm fully aware that some women that have multiple showers are more often than not offered by someone in the ward and instead of declining and offending that person, (which happens way too often in the Church) they accept. I'm fine with multiple showers, especially if you're having a new gender. But if you already have 3-4 kids and the oldest if of babysitting age. . . you probably shouldn't be having/expecting someone to throw you a shower. (True Story)

Someone's offended huh? I love us Mormons. . .