Friday, March 28, 2008

Early April Fool's!!!

Rod and I just got home from our SURPRISE Easter Trip to AZ! Thank you to my extremely resourceful brother-in-law Quinton, who managed to get us buddy passes 2 days before so we could be there for the holiday and Gibson's blessing!
We surprised ALOT of our friends and family and the trip was so fun! It was especially nice to be in 80 degree weather for a change!! Not too many pics were taken...I decided I really need to be better about that! I will try and get some from my fam of Gibson in his 5 piece suit he wore for the blessing...ADORABLE! We got to go to the Easter Pageant too where my sister Danna is a multitude child and my dad is a Roman soldier as well as the "over-actor" blind man! You can always figure out which one he is b/c he's the only Roman that wears his bluetooth before the show starts and
right after it ends.

We had a BIG EASTER FEAST after Gibson's blessing with all of our family & friends and it's always fun to play our very competitive family games later that night...I think we may take it a little too seriously at times. Especially me.
Oh and since our first stand-by flight was overbooked and we had to wait 2.5 hrs for the next flight, we'd like to send a big thankyou to the "O'Neal family of four" who missed their connecting flight from ATL to PHX - you don't know us but my husband and I occupied your seats and we are forever indebted to you! :~)

Saturday, March 8, 2008

New Job...New Gym...New Trend???

It's def. been awhile...I have no new pictures that I can think of and Rod is in the other room playing "Call of Duty 4" on Xbox Live w/ his brother that's in I'm in here...trying to pass the time. A couple of new things that have happened since getting back from AZ:

I started working with a new company....and it just so happens to be for....
That's right - the same company that has employed my husband for almost 7 years now! It's really close to our apartment, the office staff is small - like 4 of us and I get to see Rod ALL DAY LONG! haha! Some ppl may not think this is such a good idea but I've successfully worked & lived with ppl simultaneously and never had a problem...I'm hoping for the same this time around! :~) He may be the boss at work...but we ALL know who's boss at home!

So after a LONG day at work - together ofcourse...what better way to spend the evening than at

It's true - we joined a gym and it's about dang time! We drive by it every day so we figured it was meant to be. I was and still am very intimidated by the establishment they call a gym...but I feel much better knowing that Rod is there too. They have super nice raquetball courts and we took advantage of that tonight. This weekend we bought the raquets, the raquetballs and goggles...yes...goggles. I wear gas permeable lenses...aka "hard contacts" and if that ball comes back and hits me in the face, I will basically have an imbedded contact in my thanks. So as flamer as it looks to wear protective eyewear...I'm gonna sport it. Besides...there are plenty of other ppl that use them. Balding, middle-aged, tanktop loving men mostly but I'm willing to start a new trend! :~)

And Carrie, I know you requested a picture..but my camera battery is dead - soon enough my friend...soon enough.