Sunday, June 28, 2009

Oh they say when you marry in June...

Just a line from one of my favorite musicals - has nothing to with this post. Wow - June has come and gone, can't believe it! A LOT has's the not so condensed version of my month.

Girls Camp - went up for the last day/night and had the luxury of sleeping in a pop up camper. If you wanna know my REAL feelings on camping, my sis. Kara posted on the matter and it pretty much sums up my thoughts perfectly. Check it out HERE. This picture was captured while we sought shelter from a freak thunderstorm that rolled in after it had been sunny and HOT all day! Gotta love that GA weather! Enjoyed the car rides there and back with the Sonic stops in between. We had lots of fun in the short amount of time. The girls are fabulous and have such sweet testimonies!
Oh... our ward was split last week and Rod and I are in a brand new ward. I absolutely LOVED the girls and the women I worked with. I can't talk about it too much b/c it makes me sad but I know it had to happen - needless to say I will miss them terribly!!

Dad came to ATL for business and it was fun having him here. We drove up to Greenville, SC one day and had dinner at Saskatoon (a restaurant franchise we usta rep). Edmund (the owner) was so good to us! We ate all kinds of wild game - it was tasty! Def. not a place for a vegetarian tho!

Kara and Q stopped in for a few days on their way to Key West. We had to go to Hard Rock b/c Kara is a VIP member and I thought they'd shut the place down for us but apparently she hasn't reached that status just yet... :~)
Kara and I got pedicures & did a little shopping while the boys played XBOX (lame). We also got together with our friends to have Father's Day dinner and played Settler's...always a treat!

Traditional pilsner glass complete with a chocolate shake

Love him

JAX came to visit!!! I had to take her to a GA Sonic or it just wouldn't be right! There's just one face missing here...we missed u Jenna!

Braves Game!!! FINALLY!! Lived here for 1.5 years and just now going to a game...pretty pathetic I must say. Ofcourse we had to get our Chipper Jones jersey's to make it official! Had good seats, ate the stadium served cuisine, cheered for the home team (Jax is a retired cheerleader so she really knows what she's doin) and had a BLAST!

Jones is the man

I had Jackie teach me to make her famous cinnamon rolls and how to use my Bosch that I got from my mom! I'm pretty sure it's a sin to have one and not use it on a regular basis. I'm quite embarrassed about it myself! It was tricky finding enough space to roll out that dough but she's a pro so we got it done. Ofcourse we had to wear out matching aprons!!! Jax and her mom made them - aren't they adorable?!

The aftermath...YUM! Totally worth the pile of dirty pans...

We played Settler's at night, Jax caught on real quick and did so good! There were some words exchanged but we're all still friends.

Thanks for the great company we've had thus far!!! Russ & Erin - we can't wait to have you guys out here in a few weeks!