Wednesday, November 19, 2008


One year of MARRIAGE & one year in GEORGIA!

I know this is so typical but I'm gonna praise my husband here for a minute...he really has been the most patient, kind, and loving man I could ask for and I find myself very undeserving of him a lot of the time! Moving all the way to Georgia was REALLY difficult for me...those of you who know me are aware that I don't like change and I avoid it if at all possible. I have come to find out in this last year that change is GOOD and even sometimes NECESSARY! So thankyou to all my friends, family and ppl that may not know they've even helped me thru this transition...I appreciate your patience and understanding with how ridiculous I can be! Ok...done with my rant.

Here are some pics from the last few weeks...

We kidnapped Sydney - our newest Beehive and headed over to Chick-Fil-A for breakfast/milkshakes. They are crazy...and I love em!

We've got 2 out of 3 concerts down.
Weezer was classic. Dashboard was amazing.

Oh, but Chris, we paid to hear you sing...not to give every-other-song-electoral-vote updates on Obama. Lucky for you...those prodigious pipes of yours help me see past ur political frailties.

Rod and I stayed in downtown ATL at a nice hotel and ate Ruth's Chris Steakhouse for our anniversary dinner - pricey yet delicious. Atleast they gave us a complimentary dessert! YUM!

My hunky lil' modernized cowboy...he wore his Steve Madden boots to Ruth's Chris to get away with wearing jeans. A cowboy can ALWAYS get away with jeans...hehe!

Our year anniversary in GA we decided to head up to Lake Lanier and enjoy the BEAUTIFUL fall landscape. It was MUCH colder than we had anticipated. Rod's face says it all.

This is one of my FAVORITE trees by our office-love love love the red!! Notice how we are STILL sporting our sandals! I have actually invested in some closed-toed shoes...I learned my lesson last year when it snowed! No promises the trend will stick...

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Getting out the Vote!

For my sister Kara that is! Her fabulous obsession with Shabby Apple Clothing has provided her the rare opportunity to possibly win a friendly lil' competition they have going to feature their vignette on the website as well as winning the outfit itself! The mere fact she was a finalist AND had the owner vote for her should speak for itself...but being the good sister I am, thought I'd help tip the voting scale. (Not ACORN style tho)! Voting ends Nov. 19th so if you would be so kind as to submit a vote for her at the link below - we'd appreciate it!
Click Here to Vote for "Times Square Countdown"

Feel free to read the story behind her creation...I think we can all relate somewhat to needing a lil' "pick me up" after a relationship gone sour. I choose a different way to "deal"...

Dear Sonic, I love you.