Saturday, December 20, 2008

Rod's Bday and Baby Leah!

I'm late but I wanted to give my hubby a shout out for turning the big 2-8 on the 15th!!!

15 attributes I LOVE about my Rod dawg
1. His laugh - this has prolly been my favorite thing about him since I've known him. Especially when he's talking on the phone with his brother Russell...Erin u know what I'm talkin bout.
2. His sense of style- even tho he's super picky, I appreciate that he doesn't dress like a frumpster.
3. He's athletic and knows a ton when it comes to sports - I've always liked that in a guy.
4. Rod can cook! If I ask him to cook something, he willingly whips something up and it will taste good too!
5. His hugs and kisses - the best in the west...or I guess east now! :~)
6. His patience and calm demeanor - I don't know how he does it!? Especially being married to me!
7. He is super funny - most ppl don't know this about him when they first meet him b/c he can be rather quiet...but his best friends/family know he is hilarious!
8. Rod is Mr. Handyman - he has such a vast horizon of knowledge when it comes to "man stuff" and I am so impressed by his abilities!
9. His loyalty to his friends - he would do ANYTHING for them. Lucky for me I'm his BEST friend!
10. His work ethic...I'm never worried that Rod will always work hard and will succeed in whatever he does!
11. He's a worthy priesthood holder - 'nuff said.
12. His spirituality and gospel knowledge - I still can't get him to write my talks for me tho!
13. How much he adores his nieces and nephews - it gives me complete confidence he will be a great dad someday.
14. His subtle surprises - I'm nearly impossible to fool but he still manages to sneak a Sonic trip when I least expect it.
15. The love he has for his family - I have never heard Rod speak poorly of anyone in his family, he is so forgiving and has the utmost respect for all of them.

I LOVE LOVE LOVE this pic of adorable is he?! PS he tries this face now...not the same effect as it prolly was then. haha!

So here's to my birthday boy - I LOVE YOU BABE!!! Ur the BEST and I'm thankful to call you mine!

Alright so our friend Kristin is quite the baker - I'm not just saying that either just b/c I know she'll read this. :~) Everything she makes is fabulous. Well Byron (her husband that Rod and I work with) gets this bright idea to have Kristin construct a birthday cake ESPECIALLY for's not what ur thinking ppl....

Those of you who know me rather well are aware that I HATE several words in the english language. This picture below is a replica of the one I despise the most!

Yup...starts with a P ends with an OOP. I had to call it "Turd Cake" or "Crap Cake" b/c I physically can't bring myself to say the word.

Her fecal matter smorgasbord...impressive right?! A big thanks to Kristin for her willingness to actually make Byron's sick, twisted vision into a reality - and still making something so vile, so delicious! Rod especially appreciated it! :~)

Ok I know this deserves it's own post but wanted to give a shout out to Carrie and Loren who had their beautiful baby girl - Leah Bee on Dec. 6th!!! She's a DOLL and I can't wait to meet her!! Love u guys!

Well I better get packin' - Rod and I are off to Texas for Christmas in the morning. Hope everyone has a safe and Happy Holiday! 'Til next year!

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Giving Thanks...Arizona Style!

We got to go to AZ for Thanksgiving...this was the year all my cousins would be in Mesa (except for Jeremy who's at Lackland Air Force Base in San Antonio). Rod & I flew in and shared a plane ride with the UofA basketball team! I'm thankful I don't face half of the discomfort they do trying to squeeze 6ft. 8in. into a tiny airplane seat for the 4.5 hr flight! Phew!
After our flight we got our Costa Vida fix...I'm thankful for sweet pork tacos. Coldplay was that night and I thought they were playing at Dodge Theater in downtown Phoenix. We were already an hour late (on purpose) when we arrived at a DARK and EMPTY Dodge and realized it was at Jobing.Com arena in Glendale...another 30 mins away! I'm thankful Coldplay waited for Rod and I to show up...the show was grand, and they played "
The Scientist" in the audience...acoustic style - I couldn't have asked for more from them.

After the co
ncert we had planned on meeting friends at Sonic. I'm thankful for my friends that waited over an hour in the cold just to see my ugly mug. U guys are the BEST!

Next day was Thanksgiving!!! I'm thankful for my loud/crazy/hilarious family and a home cooked meal that I had nothing to do with.

After our was time for KICKBALL!

The family kickball game has been a decade long battle between boys vs. girls. We've had injuries...screaming fights...and several of us have been on the verge of disownment. But it's by far one of the funnest things we do as a family.

Girls Team...we make kickball look good.

Boys team...a couple suffered from Turkey bowl accidents - including 2 broken ribs and a major foot trauma. Still killed us 17-3. I'm thankful Rod wants to stay married to me after witnessing his first Julander/Durney Kickball match. :~) It gets real ugly sometimes...

That nigh
t all the girls in the fam...and Blakey went to see Twilight. Why all the haters...yes it was low budget but I thought it was charming. Ok I didn't like Jasper who reminded me of a blonde version of Johnny Depp in "Edward Scissor Hands"...weirdo. But I'm thankful for Edward Cullen personified. :~)

After Twilight Anais and I went with Jax and Jamie on a "Sunday Drive"...on Thursday. (Thanks for pointing that out Jam) :~) I'm thankful for QT being open on Thanksgiving b/c a Sunday Drive is not complete without a van
illa Dr. Pepper.

Guns. M
y grandpa has tons of em. So we drove out to the desert for a little shootin' trip. I'm thankful my grandpa can still bust out a .357 MAG and take down target after target with one hand. What a stud.

The big
girl cousins...we love eachother (and hoodies)

is and Danna lovin' on Rod dawg.

I tried to spend as much time with this lil' guy as I could. I'm thankful my nephew doesn't cry when I go to pick him up even tho I'm a complete and total stranger to him!

Gibson absolutely LOVED was seriously the cutest thing ever. I was somewhat jealous but how can you feel anything negative towards these 2?!?!? AWE!

A few other highlights that unfortunately I don't have the pictures to prove:

*Birthday dinner and party for Buddy Nick
*Happy Hour at Applebee's with the old gang

*Karaoke night at Native New Yorker

*Shopping with Care Bear Square Hair

*Getting to see friends and family (not everyone unfortunately) :~(
*Breakfast with the girls and our husbands/soon-to-be husbands at GIANT HAMBURGER

*Beating everyone in Settlers & getting to write my name in the box (more gratifying b/c I stomped Kara & Q at their own game) HA!
*Dinner at Sekai Sushi

Well I thought I'd finish my posting bc Rod's away at a campout...yes he's now an advisor in Young Men's! I have no problem being alone at night, but I def. don't like the fact that the bugs can sense when my husband is away!! I just killed this...

Say hello to this filthy creature better known as the House Centipede...creepy huh!? It almost makes me miss scorpions...but not quite!

Wednesday, November 19, 2008


One year of MARRIAGE & one year in GEORGIA!

I know this is so typical but I'm gonna praise my husband here for a minute...he really has been the most patient, kind, and loving man I could ask for and I find myself very undeserving of him a lot of the time! Moving all the way to Georgia was REALLY difficult for me...those of you who know me are aware that I don't like change and I avoid it if at all possible. I have come to find out in this last year that change is GOOD and even sometimes NECESSARY! So thankyou to all my friends, family and ppl that may not know they've even helped me thru this transition...I appreciate your patience and understanding with how ridiculous I can be! Ok...done with my rant.

Here are some pics from the last few weeks...

We kidnapped Sydney - our newest Beehive and headed over to Chick-Fil-A for breakfast/milkshakes. They are crazy...and I love em!

We've got 2 out of 3 concerts down.
Weezer was classic. Dashboard was amazing.

Oh, but Chris, we paid to hear you sing...not to give every-other-song-electoral-vote updates on Obama. Lucky for you...those prodigious pipes of yours help me see past ur political frailties.

Rod and I stayed in downtown ATL at a nice hotel and ate Ruth's Chris Steakhouse for our anniversary dinner - pricey yet delicious. Atleast they gave us a complimentary dessert! YUM!

My hunky lil' modernized cowboy...he wore his Steve Madden boots to Ruth's Chris to get away with wearing jeans. A cowboy can ALWAYS get away with jeans...hehe!

Our year anniversary in GA we decided to head up to Lake Lanier and enjoy the BEAUTIFUL fall landscape. It was MUCH colder than we had anticipated. Rod's face says it all.

This is one of my FAVORITE trees by our office-love love love the red!! Notice how we are STILL sporting our sandals! I have actually invested in some closed-toed shoes...I learned my lesson last year when it snowed! No promises the trend will stick...

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Getting out the Vote!

For my sister Kara that is! Her fabulous obsession with Shabby Apple Clothing has provided her the rare opportunity to possibly win a friendly lil' competition they have going to feature their vignette on the website as well as winning the outfit itself! The mere fact she was a finalist AND had the owner vote for her should speak for itself...but being the good sister I am, thought I'd help tip the voting scale. (Not ACORN style tho)! Voting ends Nov. 19th so if you would be so kind as to submit a vote for her at the link below - we'd appreciate it!
Click Here to Vote for "Times Square Countdown"

Feel free to read the story behind her creation...I think we can all relate somewhat to needing a lil' "pick me up" after a relationship gone sour. I choose a different way to "deal"...

Dear Sonic, I love you.

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Short update...but an update nonetheless

Well first of all - I am excited to announce that I received a new calling, I am now the 2nd Counselor in the Young Women's Presidency! I was a little shocked/nervous at first and felt guilty for somewhat "abandoning" my sweet lil' nursery kids that I've grown to love, but I am so stoked to be working with the YW! I've only known the other women in the Pres. for a short time but they are amazing!! Rod and I haven't been released from Nursery yet so I am doing both for a few more weeks which is kinda nice b/c it'll be easier for me to phase out. The kids will mostly miss Rod tho, I can admit he's the obvious favorite! (I think b/c he'll sit at the table and eat snacks with them, they must think he's just one of the kiddos) :~)

Rod and I hit up Six Flags over Georgia a few weeks ago and it was FABULOUS! I think the longest we waited was 45 mins for a ride and all the rest of em were 15 mins or walk-ons! It was beautiful weather outside and we had a blast! And it was by far the cleanest amusement park I've ever been to! (Always a PLUS in my book! )

Last week for Columbus Day we decided to take a lil' trip on the MARTA. It's basically Atlanta's metro transit system and it seems to come in very handy - especially for us "tourists" who still have a little trouble navigating around downtown! We visited underground Atlanta, took a stop to Little Five Points and checked out some random shops that you def. don't see in the mall. We ate at this place called the VORTEX and they had some amazing hamburgers - Rod ordered one called the Coronary Bypass...sounds healthy right? We walked a few miles from the MARTA station and back so it may have burned off a few of the 2 million calories...ok- who am I kiddin?

Waiting for the train - doesn't look too dirty from this view...

And then you look near the tracks...a freakin rat. Sick.

Today we went to the Tanger Outlets and did some winter shopping - the weather was perfect so we had to get outta the apt.! My fave item was my new Matix jacket/hoodie that was marked down from 70 to 20 bucks!! Suhweet! We ate Outback for dinner and now we're watching the TX Longhorns WAIL on Mizzou...(sigh) was a GOOD day.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Kŏn'sûrt lŭv'in

I LOVE concerts!!! Some of the most memorable times in my life thus far were b/c of a concert. I don't need to explain myself any further, if you've been to a good one - you already know. The friends, the venue, the sing-alongs, the all-over ambiance. Strange as it seems...Rod and I have never been to a concert together. Naturally, we had to make up for it.

Angels & Airwaves

I've never seen "them" but have been to see Blink 182 so it 1/2 counts right?

Panic at the Disco!

Saw them 2 years ago along with Jack's Mannequin with Daner...they are def. a bunch of weirdos but put on one of the best shows ever!


We'll be seeing them in AZ the SAME evening we land for our Thanksgiving trip. We're crazy...for Coldplay that is.


Haven't seen them since they played with Dashboard years back - excited to be reunited once more!

Dashboard Confessional

Saved the best for last...this will be my 3rd time I get to hear this tattooed wonder of a man serenade me...uh I mean, the crowd. I guess I have way too many connections/memories/meanings of songs that are sung by him NOT to be a little bit infatuated. 'Scuse my moment of emo-ness. :~)

Monday, September 1, 2008

Month Late Bday and NASHVILLE!

My birthday was Aug. 1st and I had a wonderful day - a little work celebration, lotsa phone calls and texts, some shopping and then dinner at the Cheesecake Factory with Rod. It was a lil different b/c I've had my last 3 birthdays with atleast 15+ friends and my fam at whatever restaurant of my choosing but I really appreciate ALL the wonderful cards and gifts I got from everyone - it helped make up for feeling a lil lonely! You guys are the BEST and I love you!!!

Outside the Cheesecake Factory

Well being on the east side of the country has it's pros and cons.

Cons - Hurricanes
Pros - being close enough to drive a few hrs to meet up with your cousin and her husband for a fun Labor Day Weekend!

We drove about 4.5 hrs to Nashville, TN better known as Music City to visit with Meghan and Stoney for the holiday weekend and we had SO MUCH FUN!

Our first night we got freshened up and went out to eat at Texas Road House - Stoney had never been and it's Rod's favorite so we figured since they drove they should be rewarded for their efforts in getting us there safely! :~) We actually stayed in Brentwood which is south of downtown about 15 mins so it was the perfect location and our hotel was BEAUTIFUL!

Meghan and Stoney

Me and Rod

The next day we headed off to see the Parthenon. Yes, the REAL one...just kidding (that will hopefully be checked off our list in the near future) - but it was actually pretty cool to see. It was built in 1897 and is a full-size replica of the original in Athens.

This was a GIANT 42 ft. replica of Athena Parthenos - it took the sculptor 8 years to complete and is currently the largest indoor sculpture in the Western World. This thing was seriously huge.

There were a bunch of art pieces and sculptures throughout the building - not sure which one this was but Rod is just too cute not to post.

Meg and I outside the Parthenon

Meghan was on a mission to get a pic sitting on one of these swings – she chose the only one in direct, penetrating sunlight. Stoney was noticeably thrilled. It did turn out to be pretty cute tho Meg - way to go!

We saw this train caboose on the way back to the car...

Naturally – boys will be boys and they both HAD to climb it and take a pic

Rod demonstrating how to disregard the spray-painted notice

The next stop was the Country Music Hall of Fame Museum in downtown

They had all sorts of memorabilia in there and it was pretty cool, even tho I had never even heard of a lot of the artists…I’m a little new to the whole Country Music thing so I still have a lot to learn!

We went on the RCA Studio B tour and even tho our “guide” was a little more informative then we would’ve liked :~) it was cool to see Elvis’ favorite recording studio and all the original instruments in there.

We headed to the Grand Ole Opry the next day…there weren’t any good concerts going on but we had to atleast prove we had been there!

Embarrassing story: I was at Cosmo's (the salon) visiting 2 of my roommates where they both worked in 2004. They had a TV on in the front lobby and I sat down to watch and something came across the screen about the Grand Ole Opry. Like I said before, country music stuff is pretty foreign to me and I had never even heard of this place. I said (out loud unfortunately, and pronounce it just like I have it spelled) “What is the Grand Olay Opree?” They all immediately laughed and made fun of me! (Which I deserved bc I'm usually the pronounciation stickler!) My only defense - being a Mountain View Toro, there's a part in the fight song where it says "Olé" - and that's the only thing I had to go off of. Regardless - I will forever be mocked for my ignorance.

Rod and I infront of the GRAND OLAY OPREE :~)

The theater was right by the Opry Mills Mall so we hit that up and decided to eat and play some games at Dave and Buster’s too. Here's Meghan waving thru the bubble…Rod’s face was too serious so we were forced to lighten the mood.

My biggest win of the night - my first card swipe on the Wheel of Fortune Game-BAM! 300 tickets!

I made Rod fold them up for me so they would all fit in the cup…don’t worry - I gave him 5 tickets for his hard work!

It was such a fun trip - never a dull moment. From the late night Taco Bell run, Mansion shopping, the hotel's breakfast nazi, or the glass elevator ride that made Rod a hero...we had a BLAST! Can't wait for our next trip! How does New York sound?!