Friday, February 15, 2008

Trip to AZ - Part 2

It's good to be back in Georgia with Rod! The 2 1/2 weeks in AZ were WONDERFUL! I didn't get pictures of everyone and everything but it's probably b/c I was too wrapped up in the moment(s)!

Some of my favorite:
*I got to see and spend time with my Grandpa J. and the rest of my Julander cousins!
*I had lunch/dinner dates with a friend pretty much every other day
*The fabulous Sonic crew at Lindsay & McKellips welcomed me back w/ open arms :~)
*Even though it's months early -Carrie, Jenna & I held our traditionanl birthday breakfast @ The Good Egg.
*Failed attempt at star searching in Scottsdale, getting harrassed by and then exchanging some choice words with a Ukrainian bike-cart man and then meeting your friends outside the big tent party that they somehow managed to sneak into and retrieve VIP passes for - good times.
*I had Costa Vida a total of 6 times while I was there...sounds a little much but we don't have ANYTHING like it out here!!!
*My mom's cooking - I don't even care what it was, it was fabulous b/c I didn't make it.
*Spending time with my younger sisters/family - probably more than they bargained for but I enjoyed it!!
*The warmer temperature & getting to wear sandals! YAY!
*Had the chance to play with my old Bunco group - and was a sub for another group too!
*The chill nights with the girls - we don't have to be doing anything in particular and it is ALWAYS fun!

A few pics:

The proud parents - Kara & Quinton

One of the outfits I got for him - look at that lil' face!

Tempe Town Lake - we missed Boys Like Girls but hoped Counting Crows would deliver. We were wrong.

The fireworks were FABULOUS! Better than any other show I've seen!

I think we love going to Sonic mostly to confuse anyone that takes our order:
Diet Dr. Pepper ~ Dr. Pepper w/ Vanilla ~ Regular ol' Dr. Pepper

I miss AZ and everyone there but I missed Rod too! I had so much fun & couldn't have asked for more. Being far away def. helps me appreciate all the ppl in my life more then ever! So for's back to the dirty souf. Miss & love you all! I'll be back soon!

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Trip to AZ - Part I

Rodney and I came out for a few reasons:

1. He had business meetings and since corporate is in AZ - I naturally tagged along!

2. One of my best friends Shannon Gillespie got home from her mission (the same day we landed at Sky Harbour!)

3. Kara and Quinton had their first baby!

4. I missed my friends and family a ton! But I guess that should be a given!

My Grandpa Julander and his one and only great grandchild

Nallie, Non and I at the Open House

Cuddling with my baby nephew Gibson Quinton Jones. Why is he so much tanner than me?!!?

I made these for his room - pretty sure I did it the hard way but it got done! Thankyou Natalie Ballantyne for the inspiration! :~)

I'm still here 'til Feb. 9th so I'll be posting more of my extended stay!

Rod - if you're reading this - I love and miss you! :~)