Saturday, September 5, 2009

So long sweet summer...


Jeff and Non tied the knot July 24th! It was a beautiful freakin hot though!! They are def. troopers for still looking absolutely dashing on their big day!

Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Lamont Porter

The Porter Family is very musically inclined and they put on a lil' show for us at the luncheon. Jeff sang 2 songs that he wrote just for Non and I got a little teary-eyed from his heartfelt performance - seriously adorable!

Here's my girl still lovely as ever! Love you Nonners, thank you for letting me share your special day with you as your M.O.H.!
Side note: Non's sister Amanda and I kept trying to figure out if "Maid" or "Matron" was the correct terminology. I was decidedly named the Matron and Amanda the Maid - apparently b/c I'm married and matronly? :~)

Can't get enough of this curly-haired cutie!! I spent any time I was home with this guy! I was so scared he wouldn't remember me...imagine my surprise when I walked in the door fresh off the plane and he comes right up to me and gives me a hug! AWE!

Sisters at Sekai

Ok so I realized I took hardly ANY pictures in AZ! Man that's annoying!!! Thank you to everyone I got to see, and to those of you I didn't - don't feel too bad, it won't be long! :~)

A special and GIANT THANKYOU to Square who made the most delicious dish for Non's shower! They were a HIT and I can't begin to thank you enough for doing that for me! And to mi madre for helping cut up all that fruit! Couldn't have done it without you!

So after I got back from AZ, Russ & Erin were in ATL for a visit. We had a BLAST with them! We did some shopping, went out to eat and had fun going night swimming too! First time in our complex pool! HA! (They always have parties going on and I hate sharing a pool with strangers and a bunch of eye-wandering old geezers.) Thanks again guys for comin' to see us - we miss you already!

1st Annual Ronnie & Elaine Crumpton Family Reunion
Port Aransas, Texas

The original plan was to have all the boys get together for a fishing trip, but then they realized how boring it'd be without their women and kids!!!! Ok...we all know the REAL reason we were invited but just humor me here. Rod and I spent hours finding the perfect place for 18ppl to stay and found a super sweet beach house right around the corner from the water! It was Elaine's birthday that weekend too so we surprised her with a cake, some bday gifts, went and got our nails done and had everyone write down something they loved about her and put it in a pink balloon for her to pop! (Idea credited to Rod.) The ocean water was wonderful, it was hot outside but I LOVE the beach and coulda stayed out there all day long!! The trip was wonderful and we can't wait for the next one!

Lack of pics once again - thanks Ronnie for sending these ones so I have something to show for it!

Rod and reel - BAHAHA!

He makes fishin' look good.

Ronnie Paul, Bryant, Russ, Robert, Rod and Ronnie

Thanks again Ronnie and Elaine for a FABULOUS time! We love you!

Stone Mountain

The Peacocks have a family pass and told us they were going, so we decided to invite ourselves! :~) As we are walking up to purchase our tickets, a lady offers us an admission that they said was an extra one that they didn't need. SWEET! We tell the lady in the booth we need one more adult pass...she looks at the ticket and noticed it was for a 2-day entry so she just gave us the other ticket for FREE! We saved ourselves an easy $50 - not including the parking fee we would've had to pay, and the lunch that Kristin made for everyone too! Wow...what do we contribute to this friendship!?

Top of the mountain with downtown ATL in the background.

Rod and one the goats at the petting zoo.

Hard to tell but that's a giant crevice I managed to squeeze myself into.


Thank you Peacocks for helping us cross this one off the list! We had a blast and also loved going to Outback where the entertainment continued! HA! :~)