Monday, July 13, 2009

Why I married a pest control boy...

For the past few weeks I had seen some weird black things on the garage stairs but didn't really pay much attention to them. I pointed them out to Rod one day and he noticed there was a hole in the side of the top stair and figured they were mouse droppings. Ok...just a few mice - no biggie. WRONG! I really wish I had taken pics of our repeated attempts to catch them! DO NOT use the white sticky pads - they are completely ineffective! Every morning they were moved, chewed, or were covered with hair b/c the mouse had gotten stuck but always managed to get away! I swear we had mighty mouse living under our stairs!
Anyways, I wasn't too bothered b/c I knew they were in the garage and atleast they weren't in my apartment! That is ofcourse until one Sunday I was cleaning up after dinner and turned around and saw something scurry across the floor and underneath the kickboard of one of our cupboards. OH HECK NO! Rod immediately set up snap traps loaded with peanut inside and one in the garage. Next morning we woke up and found the mice had helped themselves to our PB and the snap traps didn't' SNAP!!!! UGH!!
That's when we decided we had to bust out the big guns...The Catchmaster 48R's. Complete with peanut butter and just for fun...a half-bitten mini Snickers bar. (Rod's idea)

Finally - SUCCESS!!! Yes, they are babies and I felt bad ok?

We have set these 4 times...and have caught a total of 7 mice!!!!! Usually in pairs which we thought was weird?! Rod did make a good point...he said, "You'd think they'd be able to communicate with eachother a little better or atleast give eachother some warning to stay away!!" HAHA!

We think we've caught all of them - who knows. Unfortunately we have some pretty unkempt neighbors downstairs that I'm blaming for the problem so we'll see!

So today was a FIRST for the Mondays!!! That's right...a snake decided to pay it's favorite pest control office a lil' visit. The office complex we are in has some wooded areas so it's not surprising but I've never seen a snake in this type of setting before!
Sorry Carrie - I'm about to one-up your snake story...

This bad boy was atleast 4.5 feet long - CREEPY lookin' huh?!

Rod decided to be brave and touch one was expecting that thing whip around as fast as it did! So after he almost got his hand bitten off, I decided to Google it and found out it's a Black Rat Snake - not poisonous (good thing I checked that first right?) and emits a foul smelling odor when threatened. Lovely.

If you can't stomach watching some real life road kill - do not play the video below. Infact, after videoing this I had to go inside and sit down b/c I really thought I was gonna lose it. DISGUSTING! Please excuse the ANNOYING commentary - I was needless to say a little anxious to get this thing taken care of...

FYI - Bulwark DOES NOT condone this type of "treatment". We don't even treat for snakes so this was strictly...experimental!?!!?


What? Did you think I married a Bug Boy for his money?!?!?! :~)