Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Valentine's in Savannah

I will start this post off with the fact that I'm a very hard person to surprise. I don't even like surprises all that much b/c it means I wasn't "in" on something - yes I'm fully aware how ridiculous that sounds. I am way too observant and I ask too many questions which makes it impossible. I'm not being puffed up about's just the truth. Well, off to work I went a few Saturdays ago and I come home to this!!!!

I felt like I was being asked to a school dance again! Right after I left Rod got up and washed our brand new sheets and made our bed with our new comforter set, blew up 72 balloons and filled each of them with a slip of paper with something that he loved about me. MELTED MY HEART! I was sad I had to pop all of them b/c I totally woulda left my room like this for the day! :~)
Thank you so much sweetie - I love you!!!

I wasn't supposed to know about the Savannah trip Rod was planning but he hadn't said anything about our Valentine weekend plans! So...I took it upon myself to plan something for us! I was looking up hotel rates and Rod happened to glance at the computer, I tried to hide it but he caught me and asked what I was doing. He wasn't too thrilled to see I ruined his surprise - (SEE! Sometimes I don't even mean to!!) His best buddy Jon hooked us up with a sweet deal at the Marriott on the Riverfront and it was AMAZING!!! That is def. one thing I don't mind spending a lil' more money on - a nice, clean hotel!!

Our friends suggested we eat at a place called the Crab Shack while we were there so we decided it would be our V-day dinner. This place was literally...a shack! It was so awesome! We got the seafood platter and I couldn't believe how much food their was!! Crab legs, crawdads, shrimp, oysters, sausage, potatoes, and corn. I LOVE seafood but I have never actually had to crack, peel and shuck my own before so it was quite an experience! I admit, I couldn't do the crawdads myself b/c they still have their beady little eyes on them and I felt so bad! It was sooo good and def. a place we will be going again someday!

We went downtown a few times and Rod had a goal to find the Forrest Gump bench and get a picture of him eating a box of chocolates while sitting on it waiting for the bus. Ok maybe not the bus. That dream was killed when we found out the actual bench is in a museum! I made him sit on several benches to take pictures anyways! :~)

Rod's mom told us about the Paula Deen restaurant that was in Savannah so we thought we could just roll up and score ourselves a seat at this downtown eatery. WRONG! They have a waiting list and they take reservations at the door starting at 8 or 9 every morning! Couldn't believe it! This is a line of ppl waiting to make their reservations.

Rod decided we'd try anyways so he dropped me off and I walked up to the hostess outside and asked her how long it would be to get 2 ppl seated for lunch. It didn't look promising either but she asked for my name and after I told her she said, "Hey - I'm Jasmine too!" Pretty sure that's what sealed the deal b/c we were up on the 3rd floor in 20 mins!

After enjoying our Lady and Sons southern cookin'! Yum!

Forsyth Park - once again wearing sandals and yes it was cold! We are such tourists...

Rod dawg LOVED these trees!!

Another forced bench picture...

There are TONS of old houses in Savannah and I decided this is the one I want. It's sad to think I will have to tell the ppl that live there that they will have to move out b/c I will be residing there when I retire. Atleast I'm giving them some notice!

Had to go and check out the historic Confederate Army fort - Ft. Pulaski!

Afterwards, we drove to check out the beach but it was soo cold and windy and I was NOT feeling well! We went back to the hotel for me to take a nap. A few hours later I felt well enough to head downtown for our last night to have dinner at this scrumptious New York style pizza place!!

Before we left, we walked down River Street and took a pic outside of the hotel to try to get a shot of the sweet view! I was pretty annoyed that I was still feeling sick b/c there's nothing worse than being sick on a vacation!

All in all - beautiful lil' city with lots of fun memories! Thank you babe for everything! Can't wait to go again!

Monday, February 2, 2009

Being this cold makes me miss my AZ!

This is my "missing AZ therapy session" - I'm extending apologies to ppl hoping for an update worth reading...this my friends, is not it.

I miss my Sonic on Lindsay and McKellips, where everyday I would pull into Stall 6, and one of my buddies would walk my drink out to me w/o me even pushing the button...yes they knew my car and pretty much the time(s) I'd be arriving....sad I know.

I miss streets that ran perpendicular and freeway exits only being a mile or 2 apart, that way if u accidentally missed it, you could flip around and you'd be right back on it! I drive at least 10-12 miles if I miss my exit here, it's brutal.

I miss wearing summer clothes and sandals - IN THE WINTER!! I now face the monthly decision..."to pedicure...or not to pedicure!?"

If you've ever been here - you already know what this is...
I miss my Costa Vida. Their sweet pork goodness that is my latter-day manna. Do you think they would overnight?!

I miss those west-coast sunsets...they are unlike any other. I don't know what it is but I just love them!!!

My Sunday Drives - (usually Las Sendas Mtn or Lehi Road) - my moment to roll down the windows, blast my music, drink my pop and totally revamp for the next week. Best stress reliever EVER!

Naturally, I miss all of my family and friends who have most likely forgotten about me, but what I wouldn't do to get my hands on this cutie...

Just to clarify...THIS cutie! :~) Jk Anais...jk!