Tuesday, May 12, 2009

It's the little things in life

At work today I took a quick run to Sonic b/c I was in desperate need of "a fix". My coworker Dana and I will usually trade off making Sonic runs and as I've expressed in previous posts, it pains me that everytime I pull in, I'm nothing but a stranger to them. As much as it hurts - I have come to terms with it and try not to expect any form of recognition from the staff.

And then today...it happened

I pull into the drive thru and before I even begin to speak - I hear this magical question thru the speaker:

"Just a Vanilla Dr. Pepper today?"

My mouth dropped open..."Did I hear that right?" It took everything in me not to scream out in sheer joy!!!!!

I get to the window and the girl that hands me my drink said she recognized my car so she knew what I ordered - as if she was defending herself b/c she thought it may be weird...she was soon to find out that I was def. the weirdo! At this point, this girl was my new best friend and I couldn't hold it in anymore! I told her all about my "good ol' Sonic Days" and when I heard her say my drink order over the speaker it TOTALLY made my day!

It was the best tasting Vanilla Dr. Pepper I've had since living in Georgia.

(No need to post a comment about what a loser I am that I'm actually blogging about THIS...I'm well aware ppl...WELL aware.)