Wednesday, March 18, 2009


I wanted my sisters to come and visit Rod and I for a few reasons, but when I found a really good deal on flights I decided - WHY NOT!?
They had to see how we roll in the dirty souf right?! :~) Just kiddin guys...just kiddin.

Highlights w/o pics include but are not limited to:
*Volunteering Celine to sing in church - she did AMAZING!! Except now ppl think I can sing like that! Whoops!
*Getting pulled over by a cop on the way back from Sonic - got off with a warning! PHEW!
*Watching "She's the Man"
*Playing games at night
*Going shopping
*Beautification Day - haircuts, manis and pedis.
*Having ppl to yell at/with....lovingly of course! :~) (If you've been to the Durney residence, you know we communicate rather LOUDLY!)

These are in no particular order obviously and I'm too lazy to copy and paste chronologically

Chateau Elan...right after Danna inhaled a blue coconut slush from Sonic

Took the girls to World of Coca Cola - Rod loves getting the bottle of Coke at the end so it was worth it!

On our way to Tallulah Gorge - picture pit stop

Rod and I forced to sit on a bench - this time by Anais

Wearing her slammin' new shades indoors

Danna's faces are priceless

The woven basket walkway at Six Flags

Didn't hike it - but we took pictures to prove we were there!

Mellow Mushroom in downtown Atlanta
Danna informed us after about 15 mins of being there that this statue was "starting to really freak her out". None of us had seen it b/c we all had our backs to it except for her. HA!
(Credit and thanks to Jenna for introducing me to MM when I visited you in NC - memories.)

In memory of Kara and Anais' 1996 white Toyota corolla wagon - R.I.P.

First night in ATL - had to hit up the Varsity!

This is what happens when the Coca Cola lady asks who's been to the Factory before...and you raise your hand.

Whatta bunch of "Posers" - (the way Kristin would say it) :~)

We arm wrestled...repeatedly. It was embarrassing.

What they thought of being in Georgia with me!!!!

My house...isn't it lovely? :~)

We love our roller coasters...well, all of us but Danna.

Coca Cola Couch

Best sushi this side of the Mississippi - literally!

Aren't you jealous that Rod got to spend ALL week with US!?!?!

Anais' idea and by far the greatest picture of the entire trip!!! Man those kids were heavy!

Love you guys! Hope you had as much fun as we did! :~) We missed you Kara!
Rod says it's so quiet now - he's right - COME BACK!!!!!