Thursday, January 17, 2008

It's's's SNOW!!!

I know...not that big of a deal but when you've lived in Southern California and Arizona your entire life - this stuff is an anomaly!

I took these pics from my apt. balcony and there were a few ppl walking to their cars prolly assuming I was a tourist or just a sheltered idiot.

Either way...I can't believe I live somewhere that it snows! UGH!

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

"Update your blog for heavens sake"

...that was the text I just received. Everytime Carrie tells me that my blog is slacking - I HAVE to take action! I've got a lot to update on but I'm on the couch with the laptop so I will only have the patience for one topic right now.

The DaVinci Code by Dan Brown

Yeah, yeah I know - this book is old news and yes they've already made a movie about it...but let me preface this plug on the sheer fact that I am by no means "a reader." I've only just recently realized that pretty much everyone I associate with enjoys a good book on a regular basis. It didn't hit me until my good friend Jackie said bluntly that if you didn't read - you had no imagination. Ow.

Well after plowing thru the Twilight Series...I was in need of another read. So Rodney suggested this fine piece of page-turning literature. We went to Borders and picked up the illustrated edition b/c I'm a "visual" kinda person...and I couldn't put this thing down! I went to bed at 4AM the 1st day I started reading it and finished it the next! Rodney would sit and play XBOX and I would read - talk about quality time together! :~) We watched the movie right after I finished b/c I'd never seen it...I vote the book. Go get yourself one...and I'll be working on my next project: