Monday, October 8, 2007

"Ash Buhgash Kiss My Trash"

More widely known as Ashlie (Bjorklund) Leavitt - is another year older! - I have made a small list of some of my favorite things about her!

*We have lived, worked and hung out all in the same time frame and we NEVER fought!
* Her makeup is organized quite a TACKLE BOX :~)
* She is a movie lush, and quotes them constantly
* I loved being able to tell ppl that my roomie was the fake stomach tattoo girl on the "Tumor Causing, teeth staining, smelly, puking habit" campaign!
* It doesn't matter what kinda foreign accent it is...she can nail it
* If you wanna sit by someone in church that has candy - she's your girl
* Ash is amazing at making sure everyone feels included in a group - even if she's never met you before, she'll make you feel like you've been friends forever by the time she's done with you
* She is incredibly talented in the singing department...I loved driving and singing in the car with her!
* Her food orders are hilarious - take a trip to Subway with her and you will see what I mean. "Half of the meat, 3 pickles side by side, just one line of lite mayo, etc."
* So You Think You Can Dance ain't got NOTHIN' on this lady! *I have never met someone that can be so accident prone – yet so graceful – all at the same time! And she makes ANY injury look good!

* The girl is busy - but I know if I need her for any reason...she'd be at my doorstep in a heartbeat.
Love you Ash!!!

Friday, October 5, 2007

Engagement Pics

Dusty and Elisha Otero took our pictures for us last Sat. and now we have em! There are TONS to go thru before we pick the one(s) we wanna use for our announcement. Here are a couple random shots...

So this one of Rodney and I walking away is a pic I've wanted for the longest time! My office usta be on this corner and I would always see this happen but never had a camera with me! Notice the green, red and yellow traffic lights.

Love his dimples

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Happy Birthday Daner

Happy 23rd to my best friend Dane Bjorklund! He is living up in Utah with his super cute wife Mallory right now so I just wanted to give him a lil' shout out since we can't celebrate with him!
I can't tell you how much this kid means to me - we've been thru pretty much every joy and trial since 3rd grade and I def. think I'd be a different person if I didn't have him in my life. So here's to Daner and the memories we've had thus far and the many more to come!

Hosting coming to a hault - temporarily

I hosted my last Bunco last night for atleast the next year or two in AZ. Sad...The good news is I've got one more month to play! Who cares if it's the same week I get married - I'm gonna freakin play! :~) I meant to take a pic of all the cute prizes I bought for everyone but I spaced it! One of the MANY things I like about our group is that EVERYONE walks away with a gift! I've played for a few other groups and not only are they not as fun...but ppl leave empty handed! How depressing! I need to bring the joy of a ladies only, once a month, prize winning night to the east side...

I'm thinkin' I just may start a group in GA...