Sunday, May 20, 2012

Cannon's Bday Trip to CALI

Wow - it's been a month since Rod and I took our quick getaway trip to celebrate C's birthday. Time has and is flying by it seems. I didn't take enough pics but the weekend involved lots of shopping (mostly Rod, bc shopping while impregnated is NOT as fun), eating at scrumptious new places - and some old favorites. I just may have intentionally booked our hotel in Laguna Niguel that was at most 1..5 miles away from the closest Tommy's. How convenient right?! :~) Rod made it a point to find a CrossFit gym to do a sesh. Did I mention he and his friend AJ opened up their own CrossFit in N. Mesa?! I didn't?!...whoops!! Well you can check 'em out HERE!

On Cannon's big day, we wanted to make sure it was a fun day but had also reserved a spot at the Newport Beach Temple for an endowment session. Rod and I haven't been back here since before we were married, almost 5 years ago! What a neat experience for both of us...very spiritual and uplifting - exactly what we needed to refocus and revamp! Afterwards, we went out to eat at a nice restaurant close to the beach and just enjoyed being together and remembering our sweet son & the blessings he's brought and continues to send to our family.
This was a self-timed pic in which I had to literally run thru some shrubbery to my spot and try not to look winded! Whew!
Rod's photo skills! :~)
Shot from our hotel balcony - our last night in CA. We went to eat at this place called King's Fish House. Oh.My.Goodness.Gracious. I could not stop talking about how fabulous the food was! Highly recommended! See...even my belly thought it was good! :~)

Speaking of which - I'm 28 weeks now and have no complaints. I've joked that I could literally be the next Mrs. Duggar b/c being with child is thankfully something H.F. apparently blessed me to be good at. I think it's b/c he thought he'd take it easy on me in that department. I do not take it for granted either! So if you ever hear me complain (which I'm usually very good about making sure I don't)...slap me!

Happy Birthday to our Cannonball - we love and miss you dearly!