Saturday, June 19, 2010

Brand New

I've finally gotten brave enough to add pics back onto my computer. The majority of these are not edited, I'll never post if I have to take the time to Piknik them!

New House

Rod picked it out all by himself - didn't he do fabulous?! These are pre-decor photos obviously.

Love my house, love the neighborhood and LOVE my ward.

New Puppy

I've literally been obsessing about getting a Great Dane for almost a year now. Rod went back and forth on it with me but I was determined! However, my wise young friend Andrew Peacock once told me, "If you keep on asking for something, you'll always get what you want." (hehe!)

Introducing - Chief Kane Crumpton
(Yes my dog has a middle name, we also went rounds with his name but that's a whole other story!)

7 weeks - 13 lbs.

11 weeks - 28 lbs.

To die for right?!

New Unions

April was wedding month
My old "236" roomie Dano Bigler married Conley Rogers. Rod and I just played on a co-ed softball league with them and it's obvious they are head over heels in love with eachother!

Square and I at the reception

My cute cousin Winnie was next - she married Chad Groscost on the 29th. They had a beautiful sealing and the rest of the wedding/reception was gorgeous as expected!

Meghan, Stoney and baby Penny looking all matchy-matchy! em

(Almost) New Bro-In-Law

Anais and Chad are getting married July 10th. Here are a few of their engagements...

And even tho these pics have some pretty amazing backgrounds - I'm still not a fan of Utah. Just saying.

I'm done for now - this made me feel somewhat caught up so I'm calling it good! Oh...and one more thing!

Is that a repeat three-peat I smell coming on???