Monday, March 26, 2012

March Madness...ok not really.

Here's the video Danna took on my phone of us revealing the baby's gender to our families. Ronnie and Elaine were in town visiting too so we thought we'd do something fun to share the news while they were here. Ultrasound went great...they said her heart was "beautiful"...RELIEF! I wanted to see that ticker more than anything else!

Here we are at 20 weeks. First belly shot and I feel like I'm just in that weird, "I have a beer belly" phase. Not complaining...I would just much rather look "pregnant" already instead of "awkward!" Feeling great - the only real difference with this pregnancy is I can eat meat instead of being repulsed by it. That was the only thing that made me think this baby could be a girl!
Chief just turned 2 on March 19th! His latest and greatest trick/realization is jumping up onto Rod's shoulders to get his belly scratched. Seriously...what was I thinking getting a Great Dane? He's humongous. 
We finally got Cannon's headstone placed! It took us a long time to decide what we wanted it to say b/c we could not agree on anything! I felt like there was a lot of pressure to get it just right b/c it's literally...IN STONE! Rod had read a talk by Russell M. Nelson and as soon as he showed me this quote...I knew that was it! In case you can't read the saying, it says "Life does not begin with birth, nor does it end with death." I just liked the thought of ppl seeing it and hopefully realizing that death is not the end and we will be with our loved ones again. And how sweet is that little angel boy in the moon? :~)
 I had told my cousin Meghan and my Aunt Becky that I wanted to get Cannon a BIG pinwheel but hadn't bc Rod thought it was kind of obnoxious to put in the cemetery. So...they were sweet enough to get it for me as a gift so Rod couldn't say no! It's perfect and I love watching it start to spin like crazy when we get there! Makes me feel like it's Cannon saying, "Hi there Mom and Dad!"
That's it for now - hopefully I update more frequently since we got a sweet new DSLR! I'm counting it as one of my "push presents"! :~) 


Kristin said...

You look great- you don't even look pregnant-- I'm jealous! And I find it funny that your meat issue is with boys-- I'm the exact opposite--love protein with the boys, can't stomach it in any form with the girls. Cannon's headstone is beautiful--and I love the pinwheel!

Cassie Forsgren said...

A girl!!!! that is so exciting! Im glad everything is going well and I absolutly love his headstone and the pinwheel is so perfect!

Ashley D said...

You look SOOOOO good for 20 weeks pregnant!! Cannon's headstone is perfect - love the quote, the pinwheel, the picture, everything! Do keep updating!! (but don't look at my's been a while for me! :)

Lincoln & Anjane' said...

I LOVE the quote on his headstone. It is perfect!

Meghan White said...

You of course look fabulous and I love the headstone. It turned out great!!

Brittney said...

I jumped on here to see if there were any pics of your sweet little lady but looks like you are too busy enjoying her to blog about her (as it should be). :)

I love Cannon's headstone. So perfect AND I love the pinwheel. It gives it a whole lot of personality.