Sunday, July 1, 2012

Chadge & Niece come to visit!

We are at 34 weeks! I have one more week working full-time, then I'll be switching to part-time and fortunate enough to be able to work from home. My boss rocks.  I hope I'll actually have that "nesting" feeling which I didn't get with Cannon. With him, I finally had my first day off in which I had barely snuck in a pedicure, went to my OB appt, and then got sent to the hospital! So I wanted to make sure to give myself some time to get things done before this lil' girl makes her debut!

Our "winter visitors" came over Memorial Day weekend. 
We took a trip down to Tucson to stop at Grandma J's cemetery, and to see our Grandpa who's been in and out of the hospital recently.

 Gibson having fun with Uncle "Chadge"
Always eating at Grandma's...seriously could not get a single pic without this kid holding, chewing or admiring his plate of strawberries. 
equally as guilty...
 We went to see Men In Black 3, took a trip to IHOP and Mi Amigo's, played and lost to them AGAIN at Celestial Companions. Super annoying. HA! Can't wait to see you guys again in August!! 
 Nursery project BEFORE pic. I haven't gotten a picture of the AFTER yet. We bought this beauty on Craigslist months and months ago for a smokin' deal! I knew I didn't want to completely redo Cannon's room, so I figured we would just add a different accent color and rearrange the layout. Problem solved! 
Chief, overseeing the project. Couldn't have done it without his help :~)
30 weeks
My old roomies and I got together for a little GNO at the Cheesecake Factory a few days ago so this is a 34 week pic. This is the first, and possibly the last time we are all pregnant together! Good thing we don't live together now...PHEW! :~)
Left to right: Dano - due in December - finding out the gender in a few days!
Ashlie - due in September - GIRL
Me - due in August - GIRL
Nicole - due yesterday...still waiting - BOY

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Anais and Chad said...

haha "winter visitors" we are snowbirds or something! I'm glad you have pictures so I can steal them if I ever decide to update my blog. Which will probably be never. I love having Cannon's post at the top :). I hope we get to come down soon! For now, I'm enjoying the FaceTime with my Faye girl.

Love ya,